Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring

What is Spiritual mentoring or coaching? It’s a bit like spiritual therapy – it’s not a cure, but it can help you make sense of things and put you back on track. How can it help? Sometimes the obvious is staring us in the face and we can’t see it because we are blocked with fear, doubt or anxiety or we are just too close to the situation. That’s why people seek psychics for guidance and advice. The Spiritual Path can be a lonely journey and we all need a second opinion sometimes.

Like all therapies, you can choose to listen and take the advice or listen and think about it for another day. That’s the free will we possess. My aim is to guide those who are awakening and are confused – to know what is happening can be daunting, but not to be afraid.

Many sensitives and empaths can hone in on what needs to be addressed and released, but only if that is what you want. You cannot force someone who doesn’t want to deal issues to address them. It maybe what they need to do, but if they are not ready and willing then no one can help, but knowing what needs to be done can outline the path to be followed. The choice is yours…